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Programs to Build Vitality, Creativity, Impact & Energy

Workshops and Digital Courses can be powerful opportunities to make a profound shift in your business.  Whether you are seeking to reshape your business, improve productivity or engagement among staff, build support for a new initiative, or promote a culture of wellbeing and cohesion, I will work with you to tailor your workshop or retreat for maximum impact.  




Develop a creative energy mindset

Overcome energy blocks to increase access to creativity

Use creative thinking techniques to clarify your vision

Build innovation skills in your life and business

Identify practices to increase

“flow” in your day-to-day


Develop creative energy practices that promote a positive work culture



Identify the essential elements of wellness for improved performance and quality of life


Assess the impact of your wellness practices on your energy level

Master techniques to project an energized leadership presence to influence and impact others

Develop tools to become a more engaging, impactful speaker and communicator

Discover the mind/body connection to creating impact

Build practices to avoid burn out

Increase your energy level with strategic health practices



Take the energy leadership assessment to understand your leadership mindset. 

Learn strategies to choose and manage your energy level for increased impact

Design a personalized plan that integrates creative mindset and physical vitality practices for mental and physical fitness.

 Create an individualized  

strategic plan to  set and achieve performance and wellness goals

Build a workplace wellness program that engages and inspires.

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