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"Stephanie has been a tremendous resource for our company, both with Wellness and with Organizational Development.  She is tuned into corporate culture and how it affects organizational change and is able to adapt her approach to the needs of her client and I’ve found her incredibly easy to work with.”

 -Dave Ferrier, Nonprofit Housing Director

“Stephanie brings together topics that are often discussed separately when it comes to leadership and covers them in a holistic manner that makes sense and offers many takeaways and practices.”  

-Megan McClure, National Conference of State Legislatures

 “Stephanie Gularte shines. She excels in developing wellness strategy and energized leadership throughout organizational culture with and among committed individuals. Her holistic and practical approach to leadership coupled with her dynamic communication style is a gift to leaders and teams! I consider her an invaluable resource.”

-Charlie Imbergamo, CEO, Nonprofit Leadership Center

"I have known and worked with Stephanie since 2015. She is a seasoned executive coach and effective change agent in the best sense of those terms. Her ability to quickly assess and diagnose an organizational environment is uncanny. More importantly she is able to work with her clients to implement solutions that are practical, scalable and measurable."

-The Rev. Canon Michael R. Alford

“Stephanie's approach to leadership and organizational culture is truly transformative. She has an exceptional ability to uncover the most salient points and convert them into practical actions. Her insights into cultural dynamics make her a standout leader capable of leading meaningful change for any organization. “

 -Dr. Renée Baker, Founder & CEO, The RBI Group

Stephanie presented a session on “Managing Your Energy Mindset” at our annual conference of group travel leaders. Attendees were fully engaged and inspired by her focus on tools to combat stress and to develop a mindset that, through intentional practices, can directly and positively affect guests’ experience. She is a dynamic and effective communicator and a message with limitless applications!"

-Karen Yates, International Association of Tour Directors and Guides 

“Stephanie Gularte’s workshop left everyone with a new awareness of the power of the energy mindset and a toolkit that had them feeling empowered to put ideas directly into practice.” 

-Kristin Robinson, Business Owner, Stage Naked

“When I started working with Stephanie, I was all over the place with my emotions and physically I was feeling exhausted all the time.  After working with Stephanie, I am able to focus. Stephanie showed authentic concern and held me accountable to create priorities to decrease feelings of overwhelm. Today, I am more confident and ready to live my life to the fullest potential."

 -Lillian Velez

“Stephanie has been such an invaluable resource for me. Her straight-forward guidance through the coaching process has helped me define my goals and focus my energy in ways that have been truly eye-opening and motivating in my business and in my life.  Her ability to lead me to solutions and unlock squandered potential has helped me succeed where I was flailing. Highly recommend The Energy Advantage and Stephanie Gularte.”

-Megan Welsh, Business Owner, Spring Creative

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