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Transformational, wellbeing-focused planning retreats for leaders and teams 


We "retreat" so that we may re-engage with energy and purpose.


The Energy Advantage delivers transformative workplace wellness retreats to promote individual and collective wellbeing, strengthen connections, and inspire new solutions and actionable strategies to energize leaders, boards, and teams.

We begin by establishing a safe space that inspires trust and innovation.  Through engaging team building and idea-architecting exercises, participants will be empowered to collaboratively explore new strategies for success driven by a wellbeing ethos.

Choose The Live and Lead WELL Retreat or a Customized Retreat may be designed for your organization.

Live and Lead WELL Retreat

This experiential retreat provides leaders and their teams with a framework to authentically discover strategies and actions to enhance individual and team wellbeing and to build more sustainably productive businesses. 

Live and Lead WELL is designed with four, inter-related experiences that can be delivered through 1-day or 2-day retreats or through independent sessions delivered over time.

Part One: Leadership Wellness

Leaders will learn techniques for optimizing their personal wellbeing and enhancing their impact in life and at work. Additionally, leaders will learn how to model the values of well-being within their business and among their staff to lead a powerful culture transformation.


Part Two:  Organizational Wellness

Leaders will identify barriers to wellness within their business and develop effective strategies and positive accountability principles to lead a consistent and sustainable culture of workplace wellbeing.


Part Three:  Team Wellness Dynamics

Team-leaders will learn best practices, policies, and programs that they can implement within departments and among teams to help employees manage their resilience contribute to building environments of workplace wellbeing.


 Part Four: Thriving in Challenging Times

Leaders will discuss specific workplace wellbeing challenges and learn strategies that can help to prevent leadership and team burnout while strengthening trust, engagement, and impact through short-term and long-term challenges.

The Live and Lead WELL Retreat includes:

  • The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment™ to be taken before the retreat

  • Offered in 1 or 2-day retreat or as independently scheduled retreat experiences

  • The Leader’s Live and Lead WELL Journal

  • Optional breakout sessions on specific leadership and wellbeing topics


We will work with you to thoughtfully design a retreat experience tailored to the unique needs of your team.

Sample A La Carte Retreat Experiences:

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment™

  • Interactive Team Building Challenges

  • Facilitated Innovation and Strategy Building 

  • Mindfulness Morning Meal

  • C-Level Breakout Sessions

  • Guided Afternoon Meditation

  • Creative Energy Building Exercise

  • Guided Journaling and Creative Writing

  • Key Note:  Cultivating Leadership Energy

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