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Ready for an Energy Reset?
Vitality and Wellbeing Strategies to Create Energized Leaders and Thriving Businesses

Many leaders, teams, and businesses are at a tipping point.    It is time for a new way forward.  A path to success and fulfilment that is rewarding and sustainable.  A path that is invigorating and meaningful.  It's time to talk about leadership and business vitality and wellbeing.  It's time to recognize the intrinsic link between personal wellness and professional impact.   


As an experienced nonprofit CEO,  a certified health and leadership coach, and an Energy Leadership Index Master practitioner, I offer a uniquely dimensional approach to building impactful professional performance and cultivating vitality and wellbeing to create healthy, energized leaders and thriving, successful businesses.  Through tailored programs that incorporate mindset tools, vitality practices and practical strategies,  I will help you optimize your own energy as well as the energy of your team and your business to build sustainable impact and optimal wellbeing and performance. 


A cookie cutter approach to reinvigorating your team and business will produce short-term results with limited sustainability.   Through a collaborative and thoughtful process,  we will develop the ideal, individualized plan to manage stress and reduce burn out, to cultivate creativity and innovative thinking,  to maximize energy and engagement, to promote collaboration, to enhance wellbeing, and to optimize performance for you, for your team and for your business.  Applying the empowering combination of energy leadership concepts, physical vitality practices, and a results-driven strategic planning approach, The Energy Advantage will help you achieve new levels of energy, impact and wellbeing.


The Energy Advantage Values



Sparking new ideas, establishing a clear vision, imagining possibilities, cultivating innovation and building the mental resilience to remain engaged and energized in the face of challenges, all require the ability to think openly & creatively.  Anyone can develop the skills to innovate, to get unstuck, and to approach problems with a "creative energy" mindset. 

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Our vitality is measured both by our physical health and by the energy we convey.  Adopting consistent wellness habits, including good nutrition, regular physical movement, stress management and restorative strategies and learning energizing physiological techniques are key to embodying vitality, projecting an energetic presence, and helping you to look and feel healthy, confident and engaged. 



The commitment to create and implement a plan that is focused, actionable, and measurable is essential to realizing and sustaining meaningful change and responding to obstacles without getting derailed on your journey. A personalized strategic action plan is the blueprint to an energized life and business that brings you tangible results and lifelong satisfaction.


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