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Training and Development

Live & lead

A powerful training program empowering organizations to build an impactful workplace wellbeing strategy that works everyone.


Well-being in the workplace is increasingly one of the most in-demand qualities that employees look for in a prospective employer. Today's leaders have found themselves suddenly trying to implement wellness concepts and policies while navigating their own wellness challenges and while navigating their responsibility for the bottom line success of their organization.

Live and Lead WELL was designed for leaders who function in a C-level, director, or people manager capacity at businesses of all sizes, to help leaders build personal wellness and leadership resilience and to adopt strategies, processes, and policies that cultivate thriving teams and healthy, sustainable businesses.

Live and Lead WELL:
Four, deep-dive training modules delivered over 12-weeks.


MODULE I:  Leadership Wellness

Leadership responsibilities bring unique wellness challenges and opportunities.  In this first module, leaders will build awareness around the importance of leading cultures of wellbeing by example and will learn strategies and practices for prioritizing and managing their own wellbeing.  With an emphasis on increasing personal fulfillment in life and at work, this module will help leaders become empowered and energized to model the values of personal and organizational well-being within their business and among their teams.



MODULE II:  Organizational Wellness

The behaviors and mindset that support a culture of wellness in the workplace are established through a cohesive leadership ethos.  In this module, leaders will identify barriers to wellness cohesion within their organization and develop effective strategies and positive accountability principles to lead a consistent and sustainable culture of workplace wellness.


MODULE III: Team Wellness Dynamics

The success of an organization is directly correlated to employee well-being.  In this module, leaders will learn best practices, policies, and programs that companies can implement to help their employees manage their energy and well-being and gain self-awareness to contribute to work environments of well-being for all.


MODULE IV:  Thriving in Challenging Times

A well-being ethos that is adopted as a strategic priority will help to fortify your business during particularly challenging times.  In this final module, leaders will identify real-world workplace challenges and learn to apply solution-focused mindsets and well-being strategies that can help to prevent burnout and to strengthen trust engagement and productivity among staff.


Training Includes:

Training prep 

18-hours of live training in-person or remote

Energy Leadership Index Assessment for each participant

Tools and templates to implement training concepts within organization

Post-training implementation guide based on organization's specific priorities



12-Week Training options include:

In Person:   Three full-day trainings delivered over 12-Weeks


Virtual:  Weekly, 90-minute trainings delivered over 12-weeks

Inquire about schedule design options and pricing to accommodate training for your team of 3 or more.


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