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The Energy Advantage Philosophy
When leaders embrace wellbeing as a core value and integrate that value throughout their workplace culture and operations, individuals and businesses thrive.  
Each of us deserve the opportunity to work in an environment that supports, rather than creates a barrier to, our wellbeing. Furthermore, businesses perform more optimally when they create healthy cultures that inspire collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Today's leader is charged with reimagining the workplace and developing new strategies, practices, and cultures where people feel valued, engaged, and productive. Workplaces that are compassionate, inclusive, and human-centered. 
Drawing from the latest research centered around work culture and employee engagement, the mission of The Energy Advantage is to promote workplace strategies that support individual wellbeing and build sustainable organizational wellbeing.  Through transformational workshops, retreats, and team coaching, The Energy Advantage empowers leaders to reimagine the future of work and to design systems and cultures that reduce burnout and increase engagement to create a healthier, more energized workforce and a resilient, successful business.
Stephanie Gularte, Founder & CEO

 Stephanie's Bio...


Stephanie Gularte is the founder and CEO of The Energy Advantage, LLC.  As an experienced leader, a certified executive leadership coach, a certified wellness practitioner, and a certified health coach, Stephanie has built a unique leadership track record, successfully integrating business leadership with a wellness ethos. Throughout more than twenty years of executive and creative leadership with organizations around the United States, Stephanie has learned to cultivate cultures of strategic effectiveness and passionate engagement among board members, directors, staff, and community stakeholders.


Today, Stephanie integrates her leadership and strategic planning expertise with her passion for individual and organizational wellness to help empower leaders to live and lead well and to build businesses that thrive.  Through research-backed data about workplace wellbeing, wellbeing-centered workplace process and policies, health promotion, workplace stress and burnout, physical and emotional fitness, mindset, and energy management she delivers workplace wellness and leadership workshops and retreats designed to promote transformational change.   Her retreats, workshops and trainings include topics ranging from leadership wellbeing, workplace engagement and resilience, stress and burnout reduction, multi-generational team collaboration, projecting vitality, and other topics that promote individual and organizational success and wellbeing. 


Stephanie is a fractional CEO for the Women's Leadership Alliance, a nationwide organization dedicated to gender equity in the wealth management profession.  She is also a CEO Circle facilitator and a trainer with the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay where she consults on a range of topics and leads workshops on leadership soft skills, team-building, workplace culture. Stephanie also volunteers her time as a coach for graduating MBA students through the University of Tampa, helping young professionals identify their goals, clarify their paths and energize their plans forward. Stephanie is committed to supporting the development of vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities and has partnered with other leaders on civic planning projects to enhance vitality in communities on the west and east coasts. 


Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Political Science and in Theatre Arts, a Master of Fine Arts in Directing, and holds the following certifications:


Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPC)

Certified Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP)

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Certified Health Coach (CHC)

Certified Mental Health First Aider (MHFA)

My personal leadership and wellness journey...

Many of us have an evolving relationship with our health and wellbeing. My own wellness path has been marked with personal health challenges, and with rewarding, personal wellbeing triumphs.  These experiences have helped me to develop resilience along with a deep appreciation for the value of cultivating wellbeing.  Learning to integrate my wellbeing priorities with my leadership style didn't always come naturally for me. For many years, I maintained what I thought was an important professional line between my personal wellbeing priorities and my leadership responsibilities. Over time, I came to understand the relationship between organizational culture and sustainability and my capacity to lead with a wellbeing ethos.


Today, evidence-based research, accelerated by a burned out workforce, is bringing to new, urgent light what now seems obvious:  businesses can thrive sustainably only when the people driving them have the opportunity to nurture their own wellbeing.  What's more, today's leader must deepen their skill set to adapt to the wellbeing needs of their organizations to design operations, policies, and cultures that support, rather than hinder, individual wellness. Workplace wellbeing is the key to many of today's most perplexing leadership challenges.  Building workplace wellbeing is today's leadership imperative.

As I continue to study our evolving workplaces, and to make discoveries in my own wellness practices, I am optimistic about the evolution of wellbeing as a core societal value within and outside of our work cultures.  As a leadership and health coach and consultant, a wellness practitioner, and as a curious, life-long learner, I enjoy the challenge of collaborating with leaders on real-world workplace challenges to develop human-centered solutions. I welcome honest, whole-person conversations with today's leaders about how we can live our lives, lead our businesses and build our communities with life-affirming energy and wellbeing.

I founded The Energy Advantage in 2017, to provide a valuable resource to leaders in the integration of their personal wellness with their leadership impact.  I am thrilled to be spending this chapter of my life inspiring sustainable, positive change that results in more fulfilled lives, healthier businesses, and thriving communities.

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