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Your aspirations are not one-dimensional, and you are well beyond cookie-cutter solutions and trending fads. Cultivating the mindset, the physical vitality and the performance tools to achieve your goals:  to live impactfully, and to look and feel healthy and energized, require a personalized plan and thoughtful strategy. The Energy Intensive  utilizes three different assessments to evaluate your current mindset & wellness disposition and to clarify your personal and professional goals to establish the foundation of an individualized strategy. I will be your partner in building and implementing your personal strategic plan, to support an exciting journey and deeply rewarding outcomes.


The Energy Intensive provides you with a highly individualized, focused plan along with the essential tools you'll need to:

  • Enhance and manage your personal energy to feel healthier, happier and more focused

  • Develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that promotes confidence and wellbeing

  • Design an effective health and fitness plan

  • Build personal mission-clarity to eliminate the "noise" and prioritize your core values

  • Simplify your life and achieve and maintain balance

  • Understand the specific health and fitness choices that are right for you and your goals

  • Turn your ideas into action with a clearly designed strategic plan

  • Cultivate techniques for improving your professional performance

This one on one, intensive program is offered on a limited basis. 

Pricing begins at $4800 for a 12-week program.  Due to the individualization of the program, pricing will vary.

Yes!  I am ready to get energized!



GROUP Energy Coaching

Working on the fulfillment of your personal goals alongside a supportive, trusted group of people with similar goals can be an extremely effective and enjoyable process.  Group coaching helps participants to build and sustain motivation, to brainstorm creative options, to consider diverse perspectives, and to benefit from ongoing accountability.   

​Group Energy coaching is designed for groups of between 4-8 committed individuals who will have distinct individual goals, but who all share the goal of living a healthier life and improving their overall wellbeing and maximizing the impact they have in their lives.

Each participant in the group must be committed to regular participation in four monthly group sessions and two monthly one-on-one sessions for a minimum of twelve weeks.  

Pricing begins at $400 per month per participant.    

Yes! Our group is ready to get energized!

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