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Stephanie Gularte is the founder of The Energy Advantage, offering dynamic coaching and consulting and innovative workshops to empower businesses and individuals to experience breakthroughs in their levels of performance and life satisfaction.


Stephanie brings a track record of successfully integrating business leadership with creative expertise. She has sixteen years of CEO experience with start-up and established performing arts organizations where she developed cultures of positive energy, strategic effectiveness and passionate engagement among trustees, managers, support staff and artists. This unique leadership background has provided Stephanie with the opportunity to hone her coaching techniques with experienced business professionals and with creative personalities to develop personal mission clarity and to inspire higher levels of performance to bring about profound and sustainable positive change.  


Stephanie has delivered hundreds of speeches to groups small and large and is passionate about inspiring others to thrive. In her work coaching clients one-on-one and in her group coaching work, she brings her personal values of integrity, energy, leadership, empowerment and results.  Authentic, energetic, inspiring and compassionate are words often used to describe Stephanie as she addresses the specific needs of her clients to help them uncover and overcome their personal blocks, empowering them to reach their full potential and enjoy professional and personal success.  

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