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1:1 Health & Vitality Coaching

 Tailored.  Transformational. 


Your aspirations are not one-dimensional, and you are well beyond cookie cutter solutions and trending fads. Cultivating the mindset, the physical vitality and the performance tools to achieve your goals:  to lead with impact and to look and feel energized require a personalized, intensive plan and strategy. 


The Energy Intensive  utilizes three different assessments to evaluate your current mindset & wellness disposition and to clarify your personal and professional goals to establish the foundation of an individualized plan.

  • Energy Mindset Assessment

  • Wellness Values Assessment

  • Physical Vitality Assessment


The Energy Intensive provides you with a highly-individualized plan that integrates physical and mental fitness practices with personal strategic planning to:

  • Maximize and manage your personal energy resources

  • Develop a sustainably healthy lifestyle that promotes confidence and wellbeing

  • Build mission-clarity to focus and energize your life and career

  • Design a road map to accomplish personal and professional goals

  • Implement new behaviors and actions that result in lasting change

  • Improve performance in alignment with your short and long-term goals

  • Project more vitality and energy to build personal and professional impact and influence


This one-on-one, intensive program is offered on a limited basis. 

Pricing begins at $4800 for a  minimum 12-week program commitment. 

Due to the individualization of the program,  actual pricing will vary.



Thanks for reaching out!

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