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Tailored, tranformational health and wellbeing coaching for the unique needs of leaders 
1:1 Health & Wellbeing Coaching for Leaders

Being a leader does not come with an on and off switch.  Even as you strive to balance your work with your family, your relationships, and, oh yes, YOURSELF, the responsiblity you carry as a leader is ever-present.  Learning to ntegrate health and wellbeing into your leadership can have a profound impact on you and on your organization.  Cultivating a wellness mindset, together with physical vitality and leadership performance tools lead to enhanced leadership impact and optimized personal wellbeing.   

The Energized Leader wellbeing coaching utilizes three different assessments to clarify your personal and professional wellbeing challenges, opportunities, and goals to establish the foundation of an individualized leadership wellbeing coaching plan.

  • Energy Mindset Assessment

  • Wellness Values Assessment

  • Physical Vitality Assessment


Your leadership wellbeing coaching plan will integrate physical and mental fitness practices that empower you to:

  • Develop a sustainably healthy lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and fulfillment

  • Identify leadership stragegies to reduce stress and prevent or recover from leadership burnout

  • Build personal mission-clarity to focus and energize your life and career

  • Design a road map to accomplish personal and professional goals

  • Implement new behaviors and actions that result in lasting change

  • Create life and leadership alignment with your short and long-term goals

  • Maximize and manage your personal energy resources

  • Project more vitality and energy to build personal and professional impact and influence

  • Lead wellbeing transformation within your organization

Due to the individualization of the program,  pricing will vary.

Request a complimentary 20-minute introductory session with Stephanie

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