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Services to Build Vitality and Impact

One-on-one and group coaching for improved leadership, team, and organizational wellbeing is one of the most powerful tools to build the support and accountability that leads to meaningful and sustainable change.  The Energy Advantage coaching supports the integration of multiple dimensions of organizational wellbeing to empower leaders and teams to achieve their goals.  Contact Stephanie to discuss coaching options.  

Nonprofit Consulting
Nonprofit leaders and organizations often face unique challenges in the pursuit of implementing their mission while maintaining a healthy, and resilient team. Whether your nonprofit is looking to create a strategic plan that prioritizes both employee and organizational wellbeing, or you need specific support to idenitfy barriers and to design programs and strategies that optimize your organization's resources, Stephanie's 20+ years of experience as a nonprofit leader, trainer, and consultant, combined with her health and wellbeing expertise, will provide you with uniquely dimensional solutions. Contact Stephanie to discuss enhancing wellbeing and performance in your nonprofit.


Event Speaking

Stephanie has delivered hundreds of speeches, keynote addresses, community conversations, workshops and trainings to groups and businesses of all sizes.  Recent topics include:

Energy Reboot! Reset and Recharge for Optimal Impact

Energizing Your Leadership Potential

Manage Your Energy Mindset to Connect and Inspire

Wellbeing Solutions to Real Life Challenges

Live and Lead WELL

Leadership Wellbeing

Team Wellbeing Dynamics

Managing (and Thriving with) Multigenerational Teams

Creative Energy Mindset for Leaders

Physical Vitality for Professional Impact

Strategic Planning for an Energized Life & Business

Contact Stephanie to brainstorm topics for your conference or event. 

Trainings, Workshops & Retreats

The Energy Advantage offers trainings, workshops, and retreats for businesses to promote organizational and leadership wellbeing and performance, Our signature program Live and Lead WELL is an intensive training that empowers mid and senior level leaders to cultivate enhanced wellbeing and success for themselves and for their teams.  See some of The Energy Advantage workshop and training options below and contact Stephanie to discuss your particular needs.



Develop a creative energy mindset

Overcome energy blocks to increase access to creativity

Use creative thinking techniques to clarify your vision

Build innovation skills in your life and business

Identify practices to increase

“flow” in your day-to-day


Develop creative energy practices that promote a positive work culture



Identify the essential elements of wellness for improved performance and quality of life


Assess the impact of your wellness practices on your professional performance

Master techniques to project an energized leadership presence to influence and impact others

Develop tools to become a more engaging speaker and communicator

Discover the mind/body connection to  building resilience and creating impact

Develop practices to avoid burn out

Increase your energy level with strategic health practices



Take the  Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment tool for measuring your leadership mindset. 

Learn strategies to choose and manage your energy level for increased impact

Design a personalized plan that integrates creative mindset and physical vitality practices for mental and physical fitness.

 Create an individualized  

strategic plan to  set and achieve performance and wellness goals

Build a workplace wellness program that engages and inspires.

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