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Workplace workshops should be more than an opportunity to change up the typical workday.  They should be a catalyst for growth. At their best, they can lay the foundation for lasting transformation.

​The Energy Advantage approach to workshops is accessible, interactive, down-to-earth, compassionate, and direct.  And fun. The goal is always to have participants come away with useful tools to effect meaningful change in their lives and within their businesses.  


Discover new solutions and build individual wellbeing, team engagement, and organizational impact with these action-focused Energy Advantage workshops.

Creating a Culture of Workplace Wellbeing

Wellness is personal. But workplace wellbeing requires a collaborative approach to building a culture that promotes, rather than creates a barrier to wellness.  In this workshop, participants will develop an awareness of the value of a workplace that prioritizes employee wellbeing and will learn strategies cultivate a cohesive company wellbeing ethos to build a sustainable culture of workplace wellness.​



Workplace cultures are ever-evolving.  Never static, they ebb and flow, growing in a more positive direction or slowly devolving toward an undesirable one.  Once a culture has begun a slide in an undesirable direction, the impact can be felt subtly at first, and then, all at once.   Choosing to reset your workplace culture is an extraordinary opportunity to consciously choose the values, ethos, and practices that will define the direction of your company's culture.  In this workshop, leadership teams are encouraged to come together for an honest and optimistic workshop that resets attitudes and approaches to design a workplace culture that inspires.

Beyond Work/Life Balance: Building Work/Life Fulfillment

The line between our personal and professional lives can feel nonexistent.  As we strive to establish boundaries and create a sense of balance, what if we could also increase our fulfillment in life and in work? In this workshop, participants will learn techniques to enhance fulfillment and optimize wellbeing with specific strategies for navigating competing demands, adopting a wellness mindset, and cultivating wellbeing resources.

Energy Reboot! Prevent and Recover from Burnout

Burnout is a real crisis facing businesses of all shapes and sizes. In this workshop, participants will tackle this complex topic head-on.  Through an interactive discussion, participants will learn to spot and understand burnout within themselves and among members of their team, as a first step. Next, they will learn actionable individual and organizational strategies to prevent debilitating burnout at work.

Optimizing Team Wellbeing

Workplace teams share a particular type of bond that requires trust, respect, and collaboration. A team’s success in building these qualities can be directly correlated to a team’s wellness culture. In this workshop, participants will learn practices and policies that strengthen team cohesion through deepened self-awareness and through team wellbeing agreements that promote environments of innovation, productivity, and wellbeing for all.

Thriving with Multigenerational Teams

With as many as five generations represented in today's workplace, communication and cooperation among teams through the lens of generational inclusion is essential to workplace wellbeing and organizational effectiveness. This workshop invites an honest and optimistic conversation about the challenges and the opportunities present within multigenerational teams. Participants will learn multi-generational team management skills, develop a deeper understanding of real and perceived generational differences, and learn to optimize the value of generational diversity. ​

Cultivating Energy & Creativity for Leadership Impact

Vitality and innovation are core to sustainable business success. In this workshop, participants will learn to cultivate creative energy through mindset and wellness practices that boost innovation and performance. With an inside-out approach to promote creative problem-solving and overcome stress-induced creative blocks, participants will identify new solutions to persistent challenges and learn techniques to sharpen focus, clarify purpose, and communicate with influence and impact.

Customized Workshops

The Energy Advantage will work with you to design a workshop that is tailored to the specific performance and wellbeing needs of your team and business.  


Contact Stephanie to discuss ideas:



Take the  Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment tool for measuring your leadership wellbeing mindset

Identify mindset shifts to improve wellbeing and impact

Use creative problem-solving to clarify your vision

Create innovative processes in your life and business

Identify practices to promote

sustainability and “flow” 



Identify the essential elements of health and wellbeing for improved performance and quality of life.


Assess the impact of your current wellbeing practices 

Master vitality techniques to project an energized leadership presence to engage and influence.

Discover the mind/body connection to managing stress and building resilience

Develop vitality practices to prevent or recover from burnout.



Learn strategies to sustainably manage stress and optimize energy

Identify key goals for the integration of individual and workplace wellbeing 


Design specific vitality practices to enhance performance and impact


Commit to actions  that promote a workplace culture of wellbeing


Build a workplace wellbeing program that engages and inspires.

To discuss tailored workshops for your organization:

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