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Energizing Workshops

The Energy Advantage guides leaders and staff throught the discovery of new solutions and opportunities for enhanced fulfillment and impact with interactive, compassionate, and action-oriented workshops that promote individual and organizational wellbeing and performance.   


Workshop topic include:

Creating a Culture of Workplace Wellbeing

Energizing Your Leadership Potential with The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment (ELI)

Beyond Work/Life Balance: Building Work/Life Fulfillment

Energy Reboot! Prevent and Recover from Burnout

Live and Lead WELL:  Promote and Model Wellness in Your Organization

Manage Your Mindset for Enhanced Wellbeing

Wellbeing Solutions to Real-World Challenges

Team Wellbeing Dynamics

Thriving with Multigenerational Teams

Cultivating Creativity in the Workplace 

Cultivating Vitality for Professional Impact

Contact Stephanie to brainstorm topics for your conference or event.

Transformative Retreats

The Energy Advantage offers Transformative Workplace Wellbeing Retreats designed to provide you and your team with the tools and resources to create meaningful and lasting change.  We begin by establishing a safe space for discussing workplace challenges including chronic stress, frustration, burnout, and other challenges specific to your team or organization.  Next, we build an empowering and collaborative process to develop solutions to core challenges through the integration of workplace wellbeing practices, mindset awareness, and actionable strategies.  Ultimately, the workplace wellbeing retreat will build a strong connection among your team, inspire solutions, and promote greater workplace fulfillment and impact.  Our retreats are available in both half day and full day options, and are customized to the unique needs of your team.

Contact Stephanie to brainstorm topics for your conference or event.



Take the  Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment tool for measuring your leadership wellbeing mindset

Identify mindset shifts to improve wellbeing and impact

Use creative problem-solving to clarify your vision

Create innovative processes in your life and business

Identify practices to promote

sustainability and “flow” 



Identify the essential elements of health and wellbeing for improved performance and quality of life.


Assess the impact of your current wellbeing practices 

Master vitality techniques to project an energized leadership presence to engage and influence.

Discover the mind/body connection to managing stress and building resilience

Develop vitality practices to prevent or recover from burnout.



Learn strategies to sustainably manage stress and optimize energy

Identify key goals for the integration of individual and workplace wellbeing 


Design specific vitality practices to enhance performance and impact


Commit to actions  that promote a workplace culture of wellbeing


Build a workplace wellbeing program that engages and inspires.

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